Artist Statement
Pottery making is my very simple means to create some beauty in the world.   I want my pots to hold a dynamic energy through their form and surface and to be married seamlessly into the daily rhythms of eating and drinking.   The pace of producing pottery that is made for daily use moves slowly.   The details for each, from the smallest cup to the largest platter, show my current interests in form and surface and reflect the time spent on each individual piece. 
Each pot needs to be beautiful and able to be used with ease.   I want each piece of pottery to be both visible and invisible.   I imagine all the pottery I have made waiting on the shelf to be used.   I hope for each one to be someone's favorite mug or bowl.   The one you always reach for.   I tell my students that a good mug needs to allow you to pick up and drink your coffee while you're reading without thinking of the cup at all.